1. IMPACT RESISTANCE : WINDOW GENIE brand pvc-u windows and doors are specially formulated to withstand high impact. Impact Resistance of 3 kg at 1 mm height at room temperature of 23 deg.C.

2. EXCELLENT HEAT INSULATION : WINDOW GENIE pvc-u windows and doors have thermal conductivity of pvc-u windows is 0.14 K.Cal./m^2hr.C. In case of aluminum windows, it is 175 K.Cal./m^2hr.C. Therefore, in an air-conditioned building, these pvc-u windows with low thermal conductivity can reduce the loss of energy to around 40%.

3. RESISTANCE TO UV RADIATIONS : WINDOW GENIE pvc-u windows and doors have been specially formulated to achieve a high resistance against ultra voilet radiations. Therefore, the chances of color fading of the windows are minimized.

4. HEAT AND SMOKE RELEASE : The total heat release when burning pvc-u profiles is just 17 MJ/sq.m. This is very low as compared to wood.

5. ELECTRICAL INSULATION : WINDOW GENIE pvc-u windows have high electrical resistance and insulation properties which exceed 10^5 ohms-cm. Therefore, it is absolutely safe from electrical conductivity and maintenance free.

6. EXCELLLENT SOUND PROOF PROPERTIES : An average sound separation of 22-25 dB is reached in single glazed unit with 5 mm glass and 30 dB in DGUs. Therefore, these windows have vital role in hospitals, schools and office complexes where sound proof environment is desired.

7. EXCELLENT FIRE PROOF PROPERTIES : WINDOW GENIE pvc-u windows as per DIN 4012 standards, possess excellent fire proof properties for its non-spontaneous and self-extinguishing characteristics. According to the results of window material combustion test with wood, aluminum, and PVC-U assisted by Zurich Fire Brigade in February, 1973, these windows have passed the tests and were not at all affected by the fire. PVC-U material contains around 60% of chlorine (since it has halogen content). This contributes efficiently to the flame retardant. These windows can be used in all kinds of buildings regardless of the altitudes and is well accepted in major part of the world.

8. THERMAL EXPANSION : WINDOW GENIE PVC-U windows can easily be operated under any weather conditions due to its low coefficient of thermal expansion, which is 3 x 10^-5 deg C/cm. During summer the average outdoor temperature is 45 deg C, while the average indoor temperature is 25 deg C and the temperature inside the profile is 33 deg C. The maximum thermal expansion is 0.36 for 1.5 meter of profile. During winter the maximum thermal expansion is 0.9 mm for 1.5 meter of profile.

9. RESISTANT TO SCRATCHES : These windows are resistant to scratches, and even if the scratches arise, it can be easily removed by buffing.

10. DURABILITY : The life span of these windows is infinite when used under normal conditions.

Window Type Generation 1 Wooden Generation 2 Steel Generation 3 Aluminum WINDOW GENIE Generation 4 uPVC Windows
Cost High Cost Low Cost Low to Mid Cost Suits all Budget Low to High
Maintenance Maintenance Intensive Maintenance Intensive Not Maintenable Virtually Maintenance Free
Corrosion / Termite Attack Termite & Rot Attacks Highly Corrosive Corrosive NO Corrosion or Termite Attacks
Weather Proofing Leaks & Draughts Leaks & Draughts Leaks, Draughts & Wind Rattle NO Leaks NO Draughts NO Rattle Self-Draining
Sound Proofing Average Subject to Wind Noise Poor Subject to all Noises Poor Subject to all Noises Excellent Sound Proofing
Thermal Efficiency Excellent Poor Poor Excellent Thermal Efficiency
Ease of Operation Difficult if not Maintained Impossible if not Maintained Not Smooth Smooth / Easy Gliding Action
Insect Screen Optional Optional Optional or Included Included with Sliding Many options n
Warranty None None None 15 YEARS

Comparison with Conventional Material

Characteristics Wood Aluminum Steel PVC-U
Cost Expensive Expensive Cheap Slightly more than Aluminum
Safety Good Fair Good Excellent
Installation Fair Fair Poor Excellent
Corrosion Resistant Good Fair Poor Excellent
Durability Good Fair Poor Excellent
Aesthetics Good Good Fair Excellent
Thermal Conductivity Nil High High Nil
Chemical Resistance Rots Corrodes Corrodes No Effect
Surface Finish Good Good Poor Excellent


WATER PROOF: Prevents rain/ water from entering the window ; can also be used in certain special environment conditions like proximity to swimming pool/beaches NOT WATER PROOF
WEATHER PROOF & NON-CORROSIVE: beats all weather conditions- from salty air of coastal areas to snow bite and temperature fluctuations of North India NOT WEATHER PROOF
ULTRA VIOLET RADIATIONS RESISTANT: the compound being Polyurethane based, these windows do not fade & crack when exposed to sunlight NOT RESISTANT TO UV RADIATIONS
STRENGTH & DURABILITY: It has high impact strength and is long lasting STRENGTH & DURABILITY LESS THAN PVC-U WINDOWS & DOORS
MAINTENANCE FREE: Do not require periodic repainting or maintenance; they do not rot, warp or corrode IT REQUIRES MAINTENANCE & REPAINTING
THERMAL INSULATION: These windows are near airtight & have the option of two layered vacuumed glass panes (multi chambered design) to achieve more from air conditioning NOT THERMALLY INSULATED
ACOUSTIC INSULATOR: Protection against noise pollution & higher levels of privacy are insured; Sound insulation is increasingly becoming a compliance issue in many sensitive areas including hospitals; The fusion welded joints do not allow gaps to develop over a period of time, promising a dust & noise free environment HAVE NO ACOUSTIC INSULATION
BURGLARY PROOF: these windows offer brave resistance against burglary; an expert installation of special fittings & glazing reduces the threat considerably NOT BURGLARY PROOF
FIRE RESISTANT: PVC-U windows are fire resistant and do not support or enhance accidental fires NOT FIRE RESISTANT
ECO FRIENDLY: These windows are energy efficiently compared to other materials; As a stronger option to wood, they contribute in drive against deforestation NOT ECO FRIENDLYT